Merrill Edge for iPhone App Reviews

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Tiny navigation

Navigation buttons on iPhone 10 are now minuscule

Zero stars. Restore iOS9 support

It is utterly ridiculous that you prevent your regular users from using the app because they have not upgraded iOS. Please restore the previous version immediately. This is enough of a reason to transfer all of my accounts to another brokerage with a much more user-friendly app.

Worst app ever!

This app hasn’t worked in the past 2 months. It’s supper sow when it does work.

PLEASE catch up with your competitors!

I am a long time customer of Merrill and stuck to the online version of their app. This mobile version does not compare to their competitors. I also use Fidelity and the features are WAY better than here. You cannot see position details, simple balance view with a widget, or get quick snapshot views. I really hope ML will consider a user experience review to make this app better in the future.

Merrill Edge REQUIRES iOS update?! . . . Nope!

DELETED IT after years of use! For an already feature limited app, Merrill killed any interest I had in it. Truly, the only uses I had for it were BASIC, check my balances, check trade statues I entered on the website, make transfers, and stay up on simple market info. Just shallow cursory uses of their intentionally hobbled app. Any real research or trade decisions HAS to be done on their website. . . The fact that they are REQUIRING an iOS upgrade is infuriating. . . I choose to keep the iPhone features I want and the iOS version that supports them. Most of the new "features" that Apple pushes on you are really just intrusive ways to control or monitor your consumer habits (Yeah, keep telling yourself Siri isn't listening and iTunes/iCloud aren't just a means for reporting your habits, music/app use). It is already bad and is getting worse. >>> I tell you this, Apple NEVER SLOWED my iPhone 6S and I have never experienced poor performance or a dying device! I never needed Apple's help to manage my device or life. I was aware of the rumors of this practice and delayed updating. I still see no real advantage in updating iOS and until I do I deleted the Merril Edge app.

The worst app on my iPhone - shockingly this is bank is not a 1 person startup

Update Feb 2018 - still shockingly bad. 1. No B of A research on mobile 2. If you have multiple Merrill Edge accounts (ie retirement, etc), inputting a trade defaults to the main account even if you were in one of your other accounts 3. Changing from buy to sell loses all the info you had filled out in the trade 4. Trades should default to day order only 5. A lot of space is wasted on 3 largely identical and useless views that sort your trades by most gained, most lost and by percentage or something. 6. Poor and duplicative navigation 7. Poor functionality in mobile compared to desktop 8. Poor integration with Zelle setup 9. No useful information or research

Can't use anymore after new upgrade

If I could give zero stars I would. Wasn't that good to start with. This new upgrade requires version 10 my phone won't support that version. It won't let me use the last version. I guess my options are buy a new phone or close my accounts and go back to etrade which has a much better app anyway. Guess which one I'm choosing.

Widget not working!

Watchlist on latest iOS widget is not working. Can you please fix? Using iPhone X. Thanks

worst stock app ever

no hover-on display in charts. no cost detail for each holding. what kind of investing app are you even you're BoA based???

Numbers don’t match up

The summary for total portfolio value never matches the break down values. The summary number is significantly delayed.


Doesn’t let me buy, Doesn’t let me sell. It just sits there. Used to work. Now it doesn’t. It baffles me how they could release an update and not realize this is now broken.

Right price, wrong daily return...

The app consistently gives the right unit account price (per stock, etf, etc), but often shows the wrong daily return. What’s odd is that their own chart may show a positive daily return and NEXT TO the chart it says it’s down for the day. Very confusing when putting in a trade or checking on your positions. Needs a fix ASAP.

Needs work

App is hit or miss. Trade defaults to one account every time. It was fixed once and then they “upgraded”. Hasn’t worked right since. A year later the trade preview is grayed out. I ended using the regular website to complete the trade. App is not responsive. Bad design.

What happened to the new app?

Sooo slow! Just updated a few days ago not so good. The real time price is not correctly calculated and when I try to place a limit price for an ETF it would not execute even when I have a limit price for it and the price of an ETF is at the same limit price I put a trade order in, it would not execute. The older version would execute every time I placed a limit order in. It also incorrectly displayed a wrong percentage gain/loss for an ETF after a market closed.

Mobile App Terrible

When I log into app. It’s takes me to the desktop site. WTH....With Millons invested in marketing and technology how does this happen? Terrible. Just terrible. I wish there was honestly a lower rating. 1 Star is too good/high

It doesn’t work in iPhone 7

How to down grade?

Can’t login after 3.10.84 upgrade

App is crashing upon login attempt after update to version 3.10.84

Love it!

Love the app!

I phone X full screen?

When going updates full screen for iPhone X ? Thank you

Login issues

Does not allow me to log in

Login problems

This app hangs when trying to login. Please update.

Log on problems

Version 3.6.30 has log on problems. It will allow me to log on sometimes but takes more than one minute, other times it times out and does not allow me to log on. Please fix.

Not bad

Just installed this app, and tried to set up a watchlist with a heatmap view. This app breaks out my watchlist by sector, so to see the heatmap, it is necessary to swipe thru numerous pages. Needless to say, it's not useful. Ain't no one got time for that. Please fix.

Need patch for iOS 11, crashed phone

So maybe it’s just my phone, but it creates such a bad bug that I have to reset the phone every time I turn it on

Touch ID does not work

Touch ID does not work. Home page could show more information like how much gain of each stock today or total gain of a stock, etc. there are many good stock apps. Please learn their UI design. It is also a slow app, web page too, loading a new page on average requires a couple of seconds, which is ridiculous in 2017.


Horrible update - crashes all the time. Poor IT

No access to account

This app stinks and that's being kind. What good is a trading app if it doesn't give you access to your account. Utterly pathetic and inexcusable not to gain access to trade. I would give ZERO stars if it was an option. Time to leave Merrill Lynch!!!


Besides the crashes and timeouts which are very frustrating, it doesn't feel like a trading app at all. It lags behind all other trading apps. I kept my TD account and it looks like I will be switching back.

Re download works fine

Love all free trades and fast executions I get None of the other discounters give this many free trades

Kept crashing

The latest update was bad, it kept crashing after timeout. I had to delete and download again and again. So frustrating...

Crashes on splash screen now

Latest update killed the app. No longer loads past the splash screen.

Why time out?

It's a trading app on a fingerprint secured iPhone so why does the app time out? My TDA Thinkorswim stays open for hours and I can zip in and out to execute trades. If I flip to another app and read something I get a timeout notification and there is no option to change the amount of time or disable it. I think this would be a feature you would want to incorporate into the next version.


Doesn't work since update

Just crashes...

Please fix ASAP

Update ruined app

App keeps crashing on open. Just started yesterday morning with the update.


Something wrong with this version, keeps crashing on boot.

Great App

Very easy to trade on, and lots of market insight.

Constant Crashing

Almost everything I click causes the app to crash. Terrible coding.

Crashing with new update

Please fix

Great app

Easily login with a single touch of a finger, never had an issue with access and very intuitive and easy to use.

Works great

I was hesitant to download the app because of the poor reviews, but decided to give it a shot. I'm happy I did! No issues whatsoever. I made my first trade ever from my phone within a couple minutes of downloading.

Just locked me out of my account

Failed to recognize my login info. Then locked me out


This app can do one of three things: 1) fail to recognize your account, 2) recognize your account and nevertheless fail to log you in, or 3) recognize and lock your account. To add to the confusion, there is another Merrill app, but it seems to offer the same three pieces of functionality. There is always the web site, but the desktop-optimized layout is unusable on a mobile device, since the content flies out of view when zoomed.

Very bad!

I have never used an app which gives you access once then blocks the access... such a waste of time ! Is it a special feature just for the elections? Please Apple, give us the option zero-star.

Unacceptably bad

Software related to finance should never have such bad quality. Wish I never became their client and went with TD Ameritrade right away, at least their products work when needed. If you're into self-sabotaging, then go with this one. Let us know how that safepass "safeguard" that can't be disabled is working out for you. Funny when I was getting PDT warnings having a cash account. I even got a violation on my account with Merrill Edge for 90 days, even though only margin accounts can have it. These people have no motivation to do a good job. Read employees' reviews about ML and you'll understand why. Sad.

This app has hit rock bottom and started digging

Almost never works. Usually the days I want to make a trade.

From bad to worse

What used to take 3 clicks now takes 19. The user interface is almost impossible to navigate. The navigation toolbar is there when you first log in, but then vanishes on later screens, leaving you stuck. Trading requires re-entering the same information over and over, which the older version used to remember. I don't know why they took an ok app and replaced it with an untested piece of junk.

Worst user interface

I just ported my Fidelity IRA to ML so I can be a premier BofA customer and now I'm miserable. The UI is not user friendly. Its a pain to check my holdings, do any kind of research, and trade. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

Never works

Every time I try to use the fingerprint ID, it error's out. Needs a lot of work.

Doesn't support tax lot

Doesn't support tax lot. And the new interface doesn't get any better. You should fire whoever call for changing to this new interface

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