Merrill Edge for iPhone App Reviews

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Garbage app

You guys broke the app. Simple thing like account balance doesn’t even work, it’s stuck now. And you guys don’t even notice it’s broke yet you keep updating. **update** It’s still broken. I shouldn’t have to log off and log back on JUST to refresh my balance. Hire some real developers, you guys obviously have no clue what you are doing. I’m already contemplating on moving my 200k assets to E*TRADE or chuck, this is a joke


It’s great

Awesome platform

I love Merrill Edge as a platform to begin with and by extension the app too. The app seems to function better for me on the iPad, but it’s still very easy to use on the iPhone. Research is easy and helpful, trading is painless, transferring between accounts is simple.

Continues to be terrible

1) no Bank of America research 2) hard to make trades if you have multiple accounts 3) poor navigation throughout app 4) inefficient trade entry Hard to understand how this app remains so bad after years of updates.

Update broke the app.

This new update broke the balance from streaming it changing. Balance is now just stuck. Please fix asap! Redo the whole app for the love of god, it’s slow as hell.

Merrill Edge

Monday to Friday The market movers chart is updated at 9:46 AM in New York time the chart have 16 minutes delay why??? Can you update the chart from 9:30AM Also the chart have delay on the company’s

Extremely outdated

Takes a looong time to just view my positions. Long login process, holdings don’t show pre-market and after-market positions easily too.. How about making better use of widgets for the above? Moving as soon as I find a more intuitive online trading platform

Needs interactive charts

Please make charts and graphs interactive and enable for two-finger gesture control.

Once gold, now Garbage.

-Get the Robinhood app!- I used this application years ago. It was decent at best. It's 2018, but Merrill edge is stuck in the past. I've had to call customer support everyday since I've had this application. Robinhood is the application to go with If you're buying stocks. They have trade protection, free-ride protection and everything you'd want in an amazing application.

App Crashes Constantly

I used it all of one day to make a trade and now I can’t sign in anymore. I deleted and reinstalled the app a couple times and just gave up. I sign in with username/password or Face ID, neither allow me to sign in. I’ll be using the desktop version until this gets fixed. If you’re a day trader, don’t use this app.

Slow, buggy, and poorly designed

Will be moving my account if this isn’t improved. Completely outclassed by free banks and investment services.


I started investing when I was 17, and to open an account I needed my parent to open a joint account with me. From the day I went into Merrill lynch and when I started using their outdated app I was so disappointed. Not only are they rude. But their app is so outdated and boring. I just turned 18, I am already using Robinhood. I do not recommend this old app to anyone. It is by far the worst finance app I have ever seen or used.


Terrible app in need of a major overhaul.

Slow application

While I use Merrill Edge for investing I’m frustrated by how slow it is. I often have to wait for it to load in comparison to other financial applications I use that are much faster. Also I continually to have to reset options like my thumb sign in.

Issues when upgrade Merrill edge with iPhone

It won’t allow me to upgrade with iPhone 11.4

Merrill Lynch app is junk. It created so many issues I m closing my account and move my money

Merrill Lynch app is junk. It created so many issues I m closing my account and move my money.

Crap app

Get your app working properly. Constantly having to enter password even though Face ID has been set up. Over and over and over again. If Face ID is a problem for ML than don’t have it as an option to use! Charts aren’t available, can’t read reports in landscape mode. The list can go on and on and on... how about just fixing the Face ID first.

This app opens tooo slow

This app just opens tooo slow, can you improve the performance?

An object lesson in bad design

While technically competent, even the most basic user flows are marred by often baffling design oversights. E.g. you will have to add up cash balance and outstanding trades by yourself, outstanding balance is not shown in transfer forms, etc.


This App is going to be the sole reason I leave Merril Edge. There is no hope left from this App or Merril Edge. They don't even bother looking at the comments/feedback. Simply pathetic.

No BOA research available

No BOA research available for individual stocks or otherwise. Very basic functionality. Small startups like Robinhood has better apps

Can’t log in

I can’t log in.

Support for Yahoo Finance

Why don’t you guys save yourself a lot of the issues by just enable people to link their account to Yahoo Finance

Force upgrade = people quit

Meh why force me to upgrade

Touch ID fails

I have to constantly re-enable Touch ID.

Awful app

This app needs A LOT of work. Please catch up to Fidelity and TD Ameritrade (Think or Swim app). I'd assume the IT personnel is there because the BOA banking app is fantastic. This one is not up to par though. Please catch up and offer a decent app to your customers!!

Slow App

This mobile app is slow and sometimes not working properly. The stock prices are not automatic change according to wall street. Every time, I have to select the “holding list”again and again in order to refresh and give me the updated stock prices. And this app does not show the extended hour prices.

Depositing glitchy

Step it up, please, Merrill Lynch. I use 2 mobile apps from other banks, same iPhone camera , obvi, and never have this sort of problem making check deposits! It often takes 3 or 4 attempts before my deposit is accepted! Given that this is pretty much the only function I use this app for, It’s pretty frustrating.

Slow, outdated

It’s really a shame that big bank like this has such outdated app. They should immediately fire and replace this dept. App is tooooo slow to load any page. Navigation forgets the context in which you were, leading forms need all refilled. Forms don’t let you set defaults, so many fields need to be selected each time. Overall this is good for occasional trader, but bad for normal modern users. If you pay commissions for trades just go to TD, don’t waste time with ML.


Very limited features and appears primitive in current market

17 Second LOAD TIME

The app literally takes me 17 Seconds from start to my account landing page using face ID as my login method. Comparably my bank of america app is significantly faster and more reliable than this terrible app. Give your developers the time they need to properly redesign this app from the ground up! The UI also feels very blocky, restrictive, and just old fashioned. The charts also look and feel unfriendly and not something I’d like to interact with. The only pro is that I haven’t lost any money so far with your guided investment strategy.

Worst application: Can not trade easily

This app is very dumb app. I can not trade stocks easily. Buy / Sell buttons are buried some where deep in application. This app is just like a maze . Please learn some thing from Robinhood stock trading application. ZERO STARS THE WORST APPLICATION. WORKS LIKE A SNAIL WALK.

should not FORCE you to update your phone for compatibility

Some phones do not run well on IOS 10. I will be deleting the app and move my $$ to Fidelity.

Can’t buy certain stocks

Certain stocks can’t be bought using the phone app. It will give you an error message saying safepass required , which is something solvable only by logging in the full site using a web browser . Then WHY develop a handicapped phone app ? What is the point of this app ? Useless???

Cant enroll

When I try to enroll in the managed portfolio the last document won’t check

Usability and Convenience

I have multiple brokerage accounts. Fidelity is by far the best app. Can see balances on the home screen, and can easily do research. I find the navigation difficult for this app. Expected a bit more coming from BoA given their awesome banking app.

Got slower

With this new update it seems like it got slower...

Becoming useless and slow

The app us getting a bunch of useless feature and becoming slower--unbearably so. People use this app to trade on the go. We don't need spending tracking if it means the horrendous slowdown that was introduced recently. If you want to add it without hurting other aspects, fine, but the load time both before and after authentication got unbearably long now.

Solidly Slow

Epic slowness on app startup and login. App does not auto-logout on force quit (not good). Performs well and as expected in all normal functions. Transfers and buys are easy to do. Recommend enhancing the graphs and trends. They look 10 years old. There are also no graphical methods to display inputs vs performance.

Can no longer use it

I am on IOS 9 and rather than allowing me to use the last version that works on my phone it just keeps prompting me to update to the newest version, which does not work oN my phone. This has rendered it useless.

Zero stars. Restore iOS9 support

It is utterly ridiculous that you prevent your regular users from using the app because they have not upgraded iOS. Please restore the previous version immediately. This is enough of a reason to transfer all of my accounts to another brokerage with a much more user-friendly app.

Worst app ever!

This app hasn’t worked in the past 2 months. It’s supper sow when it does work.

PLEASE catch up with your competitors!

I am a long time customer of Merrill and stuck to the online version of their app. This mobile version does not compare to their competitors. I also use Fidelity and the features are WAY better than here. You cannot see position details, simple balance view with a widget, or get quick snapshot views. I really hope ML will consider a user experience review to make this app better in the future.

Merrill Edge REQUIRES iOS update?! . . . Nope!

DELETED IT after years of use! For an already feature limited app, Merrill killed any interest I had in it. Truly, the only uses I had for it were BASIC, check my balances, check trade statues I entered on the website, make transfers, and stay up on simple market info. Just shallow cursory uses of their intentionally hobbled app. Any real research or trade decisions HAS to be done on their website. . . The fact that they are REQUIRING an iOS upgrade is infuriating. . . I choose to keep the iPhone features I want and the iOS version that supports them. Most of the new "features" that Apple pushes on you are really just intrusive ways to control or monitor your consumer habits (Yeah, keep telling yourself Siri isn't listening and iTunes/iCloud aren't just a means for reporting your habits, music/app use). It is already bad and is getting worse. >>> I tell you this, Apple NEVER SLOWED my iPhone 6S and I have never experienced poor performance or a dying device! I never needed Apple's help to manage my device or life. I was aware of the rumors of this practice and delayed updating. I still see no real advantage in updating iOS and until I do I deleted the Merril Edge app.

Can't use anymore after new upgrade

If I could give zero stars I would. Wasn't that good to start with. This new upgrade requires version 10 my phone won't support that version. It won't let me use the last version. I guess my options are buy a new phone or close my accounts and go back to etrade which has a much better app anyway. Guess which one I'm choosing.

Widget not working!

Watchlist on latest iOS widget is not working. Can you please fix? Using iPhone X. Thanks

worst stock app ever

no hover-on display in charts. no cost detail for each holding. what kind of investing app are you even you're BoA based???

Numbers don’t match up

The summary for total portfolio value never matches the break down values. The summary number is significantly delayed.


Doesn’t let me buy, Doesn’t let me sell. It just sits there. Used to work. Now it doesn’t. It baffles me how they could release an update and not realize this is now broken.

Right price, wrong daily return...

The app consistently gives the right unit account price (per stock, etf, etc), but often shows the wrong daily return. What’s odd is that their own chart may show a positive daily return and NEXT TO the chart it says it’s down for the day. Very confusing when putting in a trade or checking on your positions. Needs a fix ASAP.

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